Final Video Project



Mark and I decided to do our final video project on a tour of Stewart Hall here at St. Cloud State University. We filmed the project with a Panasonic AC 90, we also used a tripod and a wired lavaliere mic for our interview. We edited the video using Adobe Premiere on one of the iMacs in Stewart Hall 117. Mark and I just walked around and got shots of the building and some of the rooms inside. We got an interview with Greg inside the newsroom at Stewart and then I walked through the basement where the control rooms and studios are.


The song used in the video is called “Frame by Frame” from!/results.aspx?pageNo=1&resultsPerPage=20&viewTags=1&mode=work&sortFilter=Default|Desc&keyword=738993&keywordType=1


0:00 Shot 1 – Close Up/Establishing Shot

0:04 Shot 2 – Pan Left to Right

0:07 Shot 3 – Zoom

0:13 Shot 4 – Pan Left to Right

0:20 Shot 5 – Pan Right to Left

0:27 Shot 6 – Low Angle Shot

0:31 Shot 7 – Handheld Shot

0:57 Shot 8 – Pan Left to Right

0:08 Shot 9 – Credits roll in








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